The following was composed by Team Traditional member Hayes Permar:

'Twas the day before Ryder Cup and all through Wake County
Old Media members were bidding up TheDevilWolf's bounty
Cash for beating him once, more for beating him all
And a top prize for the man who hits him with a ball
Pence was game-simming singles, whatever that means
Purdy was ironing his shorts that are jeans
Shane Ryan was spamming the whole crew with email
While Jamie O' Grady (wait, that a male or a female?)
Randy Brownlow was amped up, a willing replacement
For Brinson (this year had to stay in Mom's basement)
Barbour picked us to win but we know he's just trying
To not sound like a homer (dude, nobody's buying)
There was Westney and Taylor, but Im not giving nerd love
To 2 bloggers from Charlotte that no one has heard of
Lauren was stuck in the fits of a laugh
From learning that part of the golf club's the "shaft"
And Mike in his sweatpants, and I in all pink
Had just settled in for a pre-tourney drink
We were doing some sampling--we might mix it up
And this year drink Franzia from the Victory Cup
Traditional Media: Team Good-Looking, Team Fame
We exalted our team as we called them by name
On Armstrong, on Thomas, Andrew Carter and Luke,
On Daly--out to prove that last year was no fluke
On Alverson, Patterson, on Chantel and Schramm
(you guys get comp days for this? I know that I am)
To Knights Play, the Ryder Cup finally is here
Time to play lots of golf and guzzle some....water. Lots of water.
Back-to-back. Old Media. We run this town.

The pairings for the first set of matches- the better ball format- have been released! Incidentally, so have the Vegas odds (expressed by holes). They are below.

1. Jamie O’Grady and Ket Taylor, Internet (-1), vs. James Alverson and Andrew Carter, Traditional

2. Shane Ryan and Andrew Westney, Internet (+1.5), vs. Mark Thomas and Chantal McCabe, Traditional

3. Ben Swain and Matt Purdy, Internet (-4.5), vs. Hayes Permar and Luke DeCock, Traditional

4. Lauren Brownlow and Randy Brownlow, Internet (+2) vs. Mark Armstrong and Jack Daly, Traditional

5. Jon Pence and Brian Barbour, Internet (+1.5) vs. Stephen Schramm and Mike Maniscalco, Traditional

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by donating just $10 to Communities in Schools.  This terrific non-profit organization supports Durham and Wake County Schools.  If you believe education is very important, click here.

We will be giving you live updates all day on Saturday via our G+ Community and Twitter @MediaRyderCup.  Follow #MediaRyderCup and see what the players are saying, how they are doing, and any crazy stunts performed.
Due to last minute injuries and schedule changes here is the new line up.

Team Traditional:

Mike Maniscalco, Captain (620 the Buzz) - @mikemaniscalco
Mark Armstrong (WTVD) - @ArmstrongABC11
James Alverson (99.9 the Fan) - @JamesAlverson
Jack Daly (News & Observer, AP) - @_JackDaly
Hayes Permar (David Glenn Show) - @DHPIV
Luke DeCock (News & Observer) - @LukeDeCock
Mark Thomas (620 the Buzz) - @MarkThomas24
Stephen Schramm (Fayetteville Observer) - @StephenScrhamm
Chantel McCabe (Fox Sports Carolinas) - @CanesChantel
Chip Patters (CBS Sports) - @Chip_Patterson
Andrew Carter (News & Observer) - @_AndrewCarter

Team Internet:

Shane Ryan, Captain ( - @ShaneRyanHere
Ben Swain (Walk-Ons Podcast) - @TheDevilWolf
Jamie O'Grady (, - @OpinesMine
Lauren Brownlow ( - @LeBrownlow
Keith Taylor (Charlotte Blogging Society) - @ketTaylor
Brian Barbour ( - @TarHeelBlog
Andrew Westney ( - @TheWestney
Jon Pence ( - @scacchoops
Matt Purdy ( - @UMWolfpack87
Randy Brownlow, Captain's Pick - No Twitter

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James Curle ( -  of Team Internet suffered a toe injury at home on Sunday and will not compete in the Triangle Media Ryder Cup on June 1st at Knight's Play in Apex.

"Avenge me." he tweeted out to fellow Team Internet players.

Shane Ryan (, Captain of Team Internet is currently seeking a replacement.

Jesse is a 9 Handicap Golfer, entrepreneur, North Carolina State University Alumnus, and Numbers Cruncher.

"I basically live on a golf course as I try to play at least 4 or 5 rounds a week.  My handicap is now in the single digits but I will never get to the scratch golfer level (just not flexible enough).  I can putt and chip like a madman though!

I had the golden opportunity to be one of two Google plussers to take part in the first Tiger Woods Google Hangout."

Jesse will be live tweeting during the Triangle Media Ryder Cup so follow along on Twitter @MediaRyderCup.

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We're happy to announce that we will be following the lead of the big boys at the USGA and the R&A and BANNING anchored putting at the Triangle Media Ryder Cup.

Anyone caught anchoring a putter will be immediately ejected from the hallowed grounds of Knight's Play and  "no Bar-B-Q for you" at the after party.
June 1st is the return of the Triangle Media Ryder Cup featuring Team Internet and Team Traditional.

The battle lines have been drawn. On one side, the upstart bloggers, podcasters, and online renegades of Team Internet. On the other, the stalwart newspaper, radio, and tv men of Team Traditional. For the second straight year, these rival factions will be meeting in the Triangle Media Ryder Cup! Team Traditional won the Cup last year (check out the results here), and now Team Internet is out for revenge.

Last year Shane Ryan and Ben Swain decided to start an annual Triangle Ryder Media Cup Golf Tournament to benefit a charity, The Communities in Schools Charity supporting Durham County Schools.  

This year, Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q is sponsoring the golf tournament and the charity will remain the Communities in Schools supporting both Wake County and Durham County Schools.

Two teams of ten will go head to head for a chance to be named 2013 Ryder Cup Champs in this charity golf tournament.

You can follow the action on Twitter @MediaRyderCup.

Last year, $662.34 was raised for Durham Community in Schools program. This year, we'll be splitting the donations between CIS-Durham and CIS-Wake and expect to exceed $3,000 in donations.

We are grateful to support the educational community in which we serve.  Help us reach our fundraising goal by donating as little as $10.  To learn more about the charity, click here.  If you value education, any amount donated is very much appreciated.  Click here to donate

Any Controversy Brewing?

Well, maybe just a little rivalry but wouldn’t that just make it more interesting?   We'd love to have you out on the course to watch! Again, we play on Friday, June 1, starting at 9:30 am. We estimate that the final round will finish between 4 and 5 pm. And even if you can't, we appreciate any support you can give through Communities in Schools. Every little bit helps!